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intraMuse is a full service marketing boutique that partners with entrepreneurs and
small businesses to develop creative solutions to complex marketing challenges.

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  • Inbound

    Spark Consumer Loyalty

    “Inbound Marketing” doesn’t mean passively waiting for customers to find you. It’s about making sure you’re everywhere that they look. Your customers want to interact with you. They’ll research you online and tell everyone about their experiences. Are you making it easy for them to learn and share about your quality products and services? 

    We develop strategic, inbound marketing plans to strengthen your connection with customers. We identify key topics, prime locations, and emerging trends to Amplify Your Brand! By leveraging multiple communications channels, like websites, social media, and video, we help your content to reach your target audiences, generate leads, and showcase your expertise. Then, we monitor performance metrics and adjust tactics to successfully engage your customers. 

    Let us help you to spark customer loyalty with an inbound marketing plan.

  • Outbound

    Stand Out from the Crowd

    Consumers see endless marketing daily because of outbound marketing. We create memorable campaigns that make lasting impressions with design that’s music to your eyes.

    No matter the medium–flyers, posters, ads, brochures, or banners–we combine stunning graphics and compelling messages to catch your busy audience’s attention. Smart designs that communicate visually get noticed.

    Let us help you to stand out from the crowd with outstanding outbound marketing plans.

  • Branding

    Tell Your Unique Story

    Your brand is much more than a name, logo, slogan, and the things you print them on. It’s your company’s personality and the foundation of your relationships with customers. It exemplifies your business vision, goals, and company culture. How well does your brand represent your image?

    We shape your comprehensive brand based on your specific benefits, customer demographics, and identity. Plus, we establish and promote your brand’s reputation because we know that reviews influence consumers’ decisions. You’re special! Share that strength with the world.

    Let us help you to Amplify Your Brand by sharpening how you tell your unique story!

  • Digital

    Create the Ultimate Wave for Web Surfers

    No matter what industry you’re in, you must have a strong online presence to build a successful business. Consumers are used to having information at their fingertips any time of day, from any place, and on any device. It’s important that they can easily find and interact with your brand. What’s your online user experience like?

    Innovative web design, social media strategy, and implementation along with video development are the crux of a great digital marketing strategy. We blend and leverage a multi-channel approach to ensure your content reaches your target audiences with design that’s music to your eyes. Our favorite parts of digital marketing are the relatively low price tag to try emerging trends and instant performance feedback. Together we’ll help you build an online presence that will help visitors fall in love with your brand.

    Let us help you to create the ultimate wave for web surfers to engage with your brand online.

  • Corporate

    Communicate Creatively with Your Internal Audience

    Ensure your team and stakeholders are on the same page with compelling internal communications.  Reinforce your key messages and goals. Share best practices and lessons learned. Celebrate successes. Show them that they matter to you!

    Coupling comprehensive branding with visual storytelling, we partner with you to create consistent internal and external communications. Everything you do as a company should Amplify Your Brand! Make sure your corporate communications represent your values and identity, too.

    Let us help you to communicate creatively with your internal audiences so they know that they’re valued.

Round of Applause

“I hired Sara to help redesign my consulting brand. As mutual supporters of our work, I trusted her vision and design skills to create a new look for my electronic press kit for future client services. I loved her ideas and the way she was able to translate my varied background into a cohesive set of materials easily and timely for my review. She was patient, open to collaboration, and asked the right questions to get the job done. I’m thrilled to be able to hire someone in my network like her and hope to work with her again in the future!”
Alisha Miranda

Owner/Consultant, alishainthebiz

“Hey Sara, Thanks for your great service and magic graphic design work. You are a tremendous help and you have an amazing gift to always transform my vision into art. Hire Sara to transform your design projects.”
Stephen Jones

Inspirational Speaker,

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