Memorial Day Giving Flyer

In honor of Memorial Day weekend, we wanted to give something with a purpose. While we remember all of the brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice, we encourage everyone to make a donation to a military related charity with this flyer download.

Inspirational Quote Social Media Graphic Templates

Who doesn’t love a great giveaway? As a part of our Freebie Friday please enjoy these 5 complimentary Canva templates. These inspirational quote social media graphics are a perfect addition to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest campaigns.

COVID-19 Resources

There are many COVID-19 resources available to help you navigate the ever changing economic climate. From health services to business advice, here are the top links your intraMuse team found reliable.

Top 3 Reasons Why Marketing is Critical During the Pandemic

Online engagement is surging with stay-at-home orders in place. More people are accessing online content than ever before, providing a tremendous opportunity for your business to connect with your audience in new and more meaningful ways.

5 Steps to Making a High Quality Video

Video continues to be one of the most effective elements in a digital marketing strategy for good reason. Video is so much more engaging and memorable and with the technology available, anyone can produce videos from the comfort of their home or office. Here are 5 ways to help you produce a quality video.

intraMuse 2020 Vision for the Future

2020 is the year that intraMuse Creative owner, Sara Russell, takes her own advice! While we are always proclaiming the importance and popularity of videos and helping you create yours, we have yet to publish any of our own…until now!

The Value of SEO for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

When it comes to SEO, if you’re not on the first page, you’re not likely to get any traffic from a target keyword. Even if you’re on the first page but below the first position, you’ll get far less traffic than you would get if you did reach first place. So what’s the point?

5 Powerful Tips for Creating an Effective Logo

A logo is the heart of branding, it should be representative of your business’ core mission, vision and values. That’s an important job for one image.

So, when you’re ready to have your logo designed, keep our 5 powerful tips for creating an effective logo in mind.

50 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

While being creative comes naturally to many, others struggle and falsely label themselves “uncreative.” Not everyone is composing the next Grammy-award-winning song or painting the next museum masterpiece, but everyone faces daily challenges that require them to flex their creativity muscle–whether you’re raising a strong-willed child or running a small business, you will need to exercise creativity.

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