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Empowering businesses with customized marketing solutions that amplify brand presence, intraMuse Creative devises unique strategies in harmony with each client’s mission, driving growth and success in a dynamic and increasingly competitive landscape.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to redefine marketing success by fostering a collaborative network of professionals dedicated to bringing brands to life while honoring work flexibility and client goals. At intraMuse Creative, success is measured by our clients’ triumphs and the wellbeing of our team, challenging the conventional 9-5 norms with a goal-oriented, value-driven approach.

Our Values


Mindful Marketing

Ensuring every strategy respects and amplifies the client’s brand essence. 


Client Centric Approach

Tailoring every strategy to align with client goals.


Innovation & Creativity

Continuously seeking creative solutions and new ideas.


Integrity & Transparency

Maintaining honesty and clarity in all interactions.


Agility & Adaptability

Staying on top of market trends and adapting strategies accordingly.


Collaborative Excellence

Building strong, supportive relationships with clients and partners.


Commitment to Growth

Focused on driving success and growth for clients and the community.

The intraMuse Creative Team

Sara, Founder of intraMuse Creative

Sara M. Russell

Sara Russell has been creating beautiful designs and promoting people she believes in long before she embarked on her  consulting path in 2007. As founder of intraMuse Creative, she is still fueled by the same passions that found her selling her art to neighbors as a 6-year-old and guerilla marketing for her favorite bands as a teenager: LIVING CREATIVELY & CONNECTING AUTHENTICALLY. Sara’s built a reputation for helping small businesses amplify their brands with outstanding professional designs and strategic marketing plans.

Sara’s got the perfect blend of business and design expertise that allows her to seamlessly transition between strategy and action. She earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from Regis University and several certificates for design software as she refined her passion for design.

She has also been the recipient of numerous awards for design, photography, and marketing campaigns she’s implemented. As a keen problem solver, she is delighted to work with clients on strategies that address their challenges while employing mindful marketing best practices.

Sara’s super power is the ability to have an entire conversation completely in The Office GIFs. 

Brandon Hallock intraMuse Creative Designer

Brandon Hallock
Chief Creative Officer

Brandon is a dynamic artist with over 17 years experience. His creativity knows no bounds, as he finds new and exciting ways to communicate visually. Brandon takes elements from concept to completion, fully integrating them into a cohesive campaign. His eye for design ensures each client’s brand remains consistent across all marketing efforts. Brandon, born and raised in Arizona, has designed for clients worldwide. He knew art was his passion at a young age and embraced his love of drawing. He began dabbling in graphic design for fun, but he quickly became the go-to design expert among his friends and turned his passion into a career. He has worked with Sara for over 14 years, becoming the backbone of the intraMuse brand. Brandon spends his downtime being the best dad he can possibly be to his amazing 7 year old son.

Valerie Alba, Super Virtual Assistant

Valerie Alba
Super Virtual Assistant

Valerie is a super online/virtual administrative assistant providing support to our team and clients.

She is highly organized, efficient, detail-oriented, motivated, self-starter and go-getter with quick turn-around results. Throughout her 20+ years working in corporate America, she has assisted a variety of executives, administrators and business owners wearing many hats and tackling multiple responsibilities daily.

Valerie assists the intraMuse team with a variety of administrative and marketing tasks.

More about Valerie







Social media savvy Mim Ward lights up when she directs her boundless curiosity towards a marketing or business challenge. With solid AP-Style grammar and a quick wit, she can amplify your brand’s story in distinct voices across digital, print, in-person, media relations tools—and any other method available to reach your target audience. A lifelong learner, Mim has studied, implemented, and reported on digital marketing trends since 2006. She incorporates data from performance metrics and other feedback loops to continually improve the effectiveness of her strategic communications campaigns. Plus, her Masters in Public Administration degree (like an MBA but for governments & nonprofits) provides a foundation in best practices for finances, budgeting, management, and accountability. 

Mim moved to Colorado in 1998 and has been enchanted by the Rocky Mountains ever since. Her favorite things about living in the Front Range are the unparalleled live music scene, unlimited outdoor activities, and unpredictable weather. In 2019, she and her now husband, Josh, started a renovations and remodeling company, bringing her obsession with home improvement shows to real life. They live in the foothills with a handsome tuxedo kitty and a large vinyl record collection.

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Empowering your brand with tailored marketing that resonates: intraMuse Creative intertwines innovative strategies with your unique mission, crafting a marketing harmony that amplifies your story and elevates your impact.

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